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Kevin Benish Discusses International Arbitration Cases to Watch in 2024 with Law360


New YorkFor the second year in a row, Law360 sought out HSG associate Kevin Benish to discuss key international arbitration cases to watch in 2024. Kevin, who is also an adjunct professor at New York University School of Law, discussed Venezuela debt cases in which Venezuela is now requesting that the Supreme Court reverse a Third Circuit decision that upheld that PDVSA—a Venezuelan state-owned oil company—is Venezuela’s alter ego, imposing liability for substantial debts. A decision on certiorari is expected in the case as early as January 8.

“It’ll be interesting to see if the Supreme Court actually acts on that,” Kevin notes in the article. “Since they declined to review the alter ego finding by the Third Circuit in the first place, I’m not so sure they will.” If the Supreme Court does take up the case, however, Kevin explained that “it will be a little surprising, and that could throw a wrench into the auction process. That’s certainly something to watch out for.”

Kevin regularly litigates cross-border matters at HSG, co-teaches NYU’s International Litigation and Arbitration course, and is a former Second Circuit clerk. He also has successfully argued cases in both state and federal courts and has co-authored briefs at every level of the federal judiciary, including an amicus brief that was cited by the U.S. Supreme Court in two separate cases.

Read the full Law360 article with Kevin’s thoughts here


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