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HSG is thriving, and we seek the brightest litigators to join our team.

We are committed to helping our associates develop into the finest lawyers they can be. We do that by actively mentoring our associates and staffing our matters leanly. We believe lawyers learn by doing—by interacting substantively with clients, by determining case strategy, by taking and defending depositions, by arguing motions, and by conducting trials. We provide associates with these opportunities whenever possible.

Further to HSG’s commitment to hiring the finest lawyers, we compensate our associates at the level of the top firms in New York, including year-end bonuses at or above market rates. Lawyers coming to HSG from a clerkship also receive a market-rate clerkship bonus. We are committed to fostering work-life balance and are continuing to prioritize diversity and inclusion within the firm and in the legal profession.

If you are interested in applying for an associate position, please submit a resume, transcript, and writing sample here. For all other questions, please email

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