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Dan Goldberg Presents on Cost of Insurance Litigation at 2019 Life Settlements Conference


New YorkHolwell Shuster & Goldberg LLP founding partner Dan Goldberg presented at the 2019 Life Settlements Conference on September 10 in New York. Dan’s panel, titled “Cost of Insurance and Litigation,” discussed the emerging COI landscape, including making underwriting decisions to avoid litigation, steps in dealing with insurance companies refusing to settle, estimating the cost of a court fight, and recent cases in the space.

HSG serves as lead counsel in a range of high-stakes commercial litigation matters, including innovative COI litigation. The firm currently represents AIMCo, an investment fund owned by a foreign sovereign, and Wells Fargo, as securities intermediary, in high nine-figure multi-district litigation against insurance carriers alleged to have improperly increased insureds’ premiums on “universal life” insurance policies. HSG founding partner Dorit Ungar Black and partner Avi Israeli are also involved in the litigation.

Hosted by DealFlow, the annual Life Settlements Conference delivers current and actionable information in the life settlement and viaticals market. Additional information about the event and HSG’s involvement is available here.

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