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HSG Secures Additional Pro Bono Win in Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit Against Frontier Airlines 


New York—A federal court has denied Frontier Airlines’ request to dismiss a lawsuit filed by pilots who allege the company discriminates against pregnant and breastfeeding employees. The decision comes after a July ruling denying a request to dismiss a similar lawsuit filed by Frontier flight attendants. This latest decision means that both cases—which are now consolidated—will move forward. The lawsuits are the first of their kind to be filed against the airline industry.

“There is a long and unfortunate history of discrimination against female employees in the airline industry, particularly mothers,” said Jayme Jonat, partner at Holwell Shuster & Goldberg LLP and counsel to the plaintiffs. “We are glad the court agreed that the plaintiffs adequately alleged that Frontier violated federal civil rights law and state statutes protecting pregnant and nursing workers.”

In addition to Jayme, the HSG team that worked on the motion included counsel Karen Sebaski and staff attorneys Edward Burke, Jonathan Jacoby, Ashley McConnell, and Elton Muci.

HSG filed the lawsuits with the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Colorado, and Towards Justice.

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