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Priyanka Timblo and Byron Hazzard Discuss Third-Party Litigation Funding Disclosures in Chambers Expert Focus Article


In the December issue of Chambers Expert Focus, partner Priyanka Timblo and associate Byron Hazzard discuss the current debate over third-party litigation funding disclosures, and how changes to the rules surrounding litigation funding disclosure will impact high-stakes commercial litigation in the future. In the article, Priyanka and Byron explain the position of critics and proponents of litigation funding disclosure, especially over whether proposed rules should mandate disclosure of underlying litigation funding agreements.  They also discuss how litigation funding disclosure has and will continue to impact plaintiff and defense litigation incentives, including whether disclosures encourage defendants to engage in additional motion practice.

Priyanka and Byron also note that whichever disclosure requirements are adopted, litigation funders and plaintiffs “will adapt their arrangements to new rules and potentially higher costs, rather than disappear in the face of increased disclosure requirements.”

Read the full article here.

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